About the Artist: the Origins of Gray Cat Studios

I am a social worker and an artist. As a social worker, I have appreciated the uniqueness of every individual I have worked with. I value and accept differences in people, and find beauty in that. Embracing that belief that every person is exceptional and one-of-a-kind, I began working as an abstract artist, understanding that each of my pieces is surprising and beautiful in its own, distinct way, too. I often have an expectation of how the painting will be, only to find that it reveals itself to me, leading me to a different place. I find this both exciting and satisfying, and I accept the path my art takes me. In this acceptance, I find a connection between my social work practice and my art.

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More About Brownlee

I received my BA in Social Work and Psychology from Meredith College and received a Masters in Social Work from UNC-Chapel Hill. I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, working in senior healthcare. I began this career path as a medical social worker at Moses Cone Hospital, and after 14 years, became the marketing director for Evergreens Senior Health Care. Evergreens was a skilled nursing center in Greensboro, and one of the highlighted activities for residents was an arts program: The Renaissance Program. As a marketing director, I often showed the residents' art studio and the beautiful work that was created to prospective residents and their families. I am always touched by the seniors and their art, many of whom had never painted before in their lives. When Evergreens closed in 2009, I was inspired to begin painting, remembering that some of the most beautiful art was created by seniors who began painting in their 70's, 80's, and even their 90's. 

I have two daughters, 23 and 26, a partner of 14 years, Jimmy, and two cats named Ben and Gemma. I enjoy painting with oil and cold wax, collating, and charcoal drawings. I love being outside and in nature, where I find much of my inspiration. 

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